Transgender husband

So my husband came out to me as transgender last year and the last year has been a massive whirlwind. He is still living as a man just embracing his femanine side more at home. He is very nervous about coming out to people as he is very shy. He has started taking hormones and he is so much happier and way more loving. I have noticed he is able to help with the kids a lot more than he used to as he isn't so stressed out. The other day he had a little Botox and a little filler in his chin to make it more pointy. This is the first big step for him. It has made only a slight difference bit to him it is massive and he is so much happier. I know one day he will transition fully bit at the moment he is happy as he is. I thought o would start writing about how we are going through the this process mostly to help me as I haven't told anyone froends or family yet as my husband doesn't want anyone else to know yet. We are just taking each day as it comes and being so much more open with each other. I don't know what the future holds for us but at the moment I am standing by him because I love him.