Tomorrow Marlow Is 2

When I first got pregnant everyone used to say that now I was doomed to have a kid hanging off of me for 18 long years. They would joke that eternity went by faster then a growing child.
But tomorrow she turns 2. And it feels like the blink of an eye. Only 16-ish years left. I mean, granted we will be there for her until the day we die, but by 19 if she isn't in school, then she is moving out :).
It's odd, time. It feels slow while it's happening, but too fast when it's gone, and too long when you are waiting for something to come. Fickle I guess you would say. She's gotten so big, so fast, yet it's taken so long, and there's still so much time to come.
She's learned alot in the past year. She's learned to talk...well, better. She's mastered the stairs, much to my heart stopping, cringing admittance. After all, catching her trying to 'jump' down the stairs one at a time is throat constricting, chest clamping, terrifying. Her pigeon toes have gotten a bit better thanks to some expensive shoes....but she may still have to get doctor prescribed such there has been many many face plants due to running this past summer. She has gotten a whack more of teeth...though there are still more to come! She has switched into a toddler bed. And we are working on potty training, though it's like being on a jerky train without anyway to keep yourself from clinging to the seat or bashing your face into the backrest in front of you. She has learned attitude. I'm sure that's an actual thing to learn, because it just popped up one day.
Tomorrow there is an actual name for her symptoms. The screaming, the crying, the hitting, the 'no's' the glares, the defiance, the not sharing....all of it falls under one title. Terrible Two's.
It's a really sporadic entry into the journal. But it's sort of hard for me to wrap my mind around it. 2. Last night I casually asked Joey if he ever thought of having one more. His answer? 'meh.' lol So I'll revisit that conversation in a while. I don't know for sure if I want another one, but if I do, not for at least a year or two. Possibly not for 3. So no rush there.
And it feels like all her cuteness is leaving her lol. If that makes sense :). She's still cute of course...but it's changing I guess. Morphing from a sort of innocent cuteness to cuteness with a purpose!



What a nice journal. Happy 2\'s to you! I was very sad at first when my DD - 16 months - started to not look like a baby anymore... it just happened over night! But I keep thinking ahead of all the new things we\'ll be able to do together as she gets older... and then for the crying and screaming to FINALLY STOP!!!!... well maybe be just less frequent! haha