Today's Positive Thought

Today is more difficult for me as it is snowing out and I am NOT a winter person.  I only live here due to my dh having a job here and I couldn't get him to move south. 
Ok, so here it goes...I am grateful for my dh and my cat. sometimes my cat is a pistol, but he has also become symbolic for how much dh loves me.  Dh was a bonified cat hater...this I knew, but married him anyway.  I have always had a cat and missed having one, so decided to get one knowing I was risking divorce.  I had been talking about it to dh for 2 months telling him he was keeping me from "being who I was".  :)  I figured if it was a deal-breaker for him then so be it.  I'd already been divorced once, so what the heck.  It took a whopping 12 hours for dh to fall in love.  NOW our cat (who is 2 years old now and 13 lbs) is more HIS cat than MINE!  I tell dh that he and our cat get along so well because they both have attitudes!  lol  He agrees. 
Considering my ex was also a cat hater, I never thought I'd see the day that I'd have a husband who loved my cat as much as I do.  Feeling lucky...



Looking forward to the weekend. Considering I caught some kind of bug, being able to rest and catch up on sleep will be nice. :)