Today is the day

So I realize that I do not want to go home. Going home means going back into that life that I escaped from last week. Back to supporting my daughter and her boyfriend and the baby with no help from anyone. Back to my father who is dying and my whole family who is just waiting and putting their lives on hold until it happens.  I know I have to go back... I can't just avoid it. I will go back and make a point of keeping myself occupied. There is nothing I can do about my family, they are who they are and they will deal with things their own way. I can't change that. I have goals and dreams and things I want/need to do and I am not sacrificing my sanity and life for something I can't change.  As far as the situation with my daughter I will have to push them to get jobs and look at the other sources where money should be coming from and find a way to address them (child support, child tax benefit) So I'm leaving after work.... I hope things are calm when I get there.