Tired & Pleased

It has been a tiring week, but the house is looking so good!  My speech went well today. I came in right in the middle on the time limit of between 3-5 at 4 minutes.  Although I absolutely love the works of Khalil Gibran, it wouldn't have been my choice of speeches, but we had to speak on a great of our field of study that had inspired us to such study.  And well, I wasn't sure many would find most anthropologist as known or "great" so much.  They are interesting people, but most of the "greats" have spent a great deal of time with rare cultural groups and then talked about it a lot and otherwise are a bit antisocial.  Tickles me, not so sure my young college audience would be quite as tickled. So, I decided to go with my second major of Middle Eastern studies and since Khalil Gibran did have a vision of a better understanding between East and West, and tolerance and equality, I went with him.  And I guess that is part of the reason I chose this line of study, to promote a better understanding.
We were given more time on the Lit paper, comparing Troy to the Iliad and Aenid, so I may spend some time this weekend improving that paper.  I rushed it a bit, giving preference to my speech, as they were both due during my home chaos and I was procrastinating on both!!  The only thing that would fit in my mind was that Brad Pitt really is pretty darned hot in that movie....was finding it hard to move past that and more in to the ends and outs of ancient epics versus Hollywood.
However, I have this pleased feeling this evening.  Of seeing this house come together into something pretty and easier for us to clean and maintain.  Of not being behind on school work.  Of spending a half relaxing/half productive evening with the kids here.  My daughter (with a little advice from mamma) made a wonderful baked herbed salmon with asparagus and zucchini along with salad for our dinner.  It was yummy, yummy!!  I'm glad she likes to cook and wants to learn, as it is something I find a lot of enjoyment in myself.
Sometimes, I feel a bit silly posting about this sense of peace and good that I've been feeling here lately, but also, I want to make sure that I can look back if needed in the future and see this time, either for support or for progress or just memories.