Tired & Journaling Like Crazy

I made the executive decision that I feel like crap today and I am going to miss Arabic class!  I know, I know...this will put me at the limit, and even if I get and A, it will automatically turn into a B.  I've just decided that will have to be because I am over the pressure of making it to that class sick, tired, and barely walking!
I went to bed earlier last night because I know I'm exhausted.  Even though my knee is finally feeling better, it was rainy yesterday and it was bothering me again.  I tossed around for what must have been an hour or so.  Then don't ask why, but a puppy woke up at 3 a.m. and must have really, really had to go because I usually wait a bit if it's too early to see if they will calm back down...but no....he was whining and whining and whining and doing the pee-pee dance.  Okay, that went pretty quick and I got them settled back in.  I am just getting comfortable and somehow the cat got out in this process and is meowing at the door.  Sigh...he's not gonna stop, either.  So, I get him inside, back to bed I go.  I toss around another few tosses and realize, I really should have used the bathroom myself during all this process!! And you know, after a certain amount of activity, you are just kinda awake.
So, yes, I fall back asleep probably just a short while before the alarm goes off and in my stupor, I ended up hitting the snooze a little too much.  The end result was my son rushing around and me frantically rushing him around!  Both kids made it off to school.  I sit here checking my mail for a bit and thought, nope...it's just not gonna happen for me today.  After my several days of menstrual migraine, and now moving into the crampy stage, weeks of not enough sleep, etc..etc..that's it, I'm done.  I have a huge test in another class tomorrow and I need to sleep!!!
I'm going to post some things on my mind, rest today, study and then this evening when my daughter gets home, I am handing over these pets, closing my bedroom door and inserting earplugs if necessary!!!



Your night makes mine seem like a silky ride down the Nile. That is a lot to deal with. I have this yogi tea that helps me sleep when it just isn\'t happening.
It is called \"Bedtime\".

Here\'s to getting some zzzz\'s tonight.

Those darn puppies!

I enjoyed what you wrote in my journal about being fine with curves. ME TO!

Oh dear rani, sounds like you are running on empty. we can get so depleted even with awareness and self care.

Hope you get lots of refreshing sleep zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Wow I have not had puppies in over 20 years (my dogs all found me \'older\' at least 1 year old) so I had forgotten how exhausting it is to have a puppy!!! and you have 2, which really is nice, because that way they play with each other a lot and have a buddy to hang out with.

I think it is great that you decided to take care of yourself rather then strive for perfection. Self care is vital and perfection is an illusion.