Tired but content

This will be short and sweet. The little dancing flower is happy just like me tiday. I felt so.... good the best in along... time. I think some of it has to do with three straight days of sun. Boy, did I need that. I’ve been in my gardens every spare moment. Things are really looking up. Actually not much more to do. Ha, anyone that has a garden knows there is always something to do. Also all of my cupboards are in, yahoo!!! My hubby is the greatest, up at 3:00 to work on them. They are so awesome. My kitchen looks bright and fresh. The end result is exactly what I’d hoped for. It’s so nice when things turn out well.I worked so hard and long today that I had little to eat. Hubby’s gone to pick up a few groceries, what a doll. We are having a barbeque to night with baby potatoes and veggies. Anyway, I catch everyone tomorrow. Have a great night. Debbie