Tips To Clean Furniture With Various Materials To Keep It Clean


Everyone wants the house to be beautiful and clean all the time, right? But just sweeping the house, mopping the house is still not spotless enough. Today, my home has a secret that I want to know about how to clean furniture. There are a variety of materials to tell you. Ensuring that the furniture in your home Will be as clean as new Absolutely no stains.

If you try to count the furniture in the house, it will consist of a variety of materials. Be it wood, fabric, rattan or even leather. Which materials are different It needs different care and cleaning. Each has its own limitations. In order to extend the life of various pieces of furniture in our home to be with us for a long time, we, as residents, should take care and Clean furniture Correct way. Investigate this website for fruitful information right now.

Teak furniture

Teak is a rare and expensive wood. But it is still always popular Because it is beautiful and durable Caring for teak wood requires a lot of attention to detail. When a stain or stain occurs, it should be cleaned well before it gets ingrained. If the stain is oily or ink, use blotting paper and iron it on until the stain is gone. Alternatively, if you are heavily soiled, use vinegar and water and use a damp cloth to clean. Once dry, you can polish it like new. But do not use alcohol-based polish Because it will spoil the wood.


Solid wood furniture

Use a cotton cloth or towel dampened with soapy water and then wipe. Don't get wet Then let the furniture dry. You can also use a special cream or detergent to clean wooden furniture. But must not contain alcohol or ammonia If there is a stain, scrub it off with a fine-grained sandpaper and apply wax over it before wiping it off with a dry cloth. Should not be set outdoors as sunlight will damage the wood color.

Softwood furniture

Clean with a cloth, a lightly soapy water and dry the furniture immediately. As for maintenance, it must be sprayed to kill insects such as weevils And put it in the sun You should also avoid placing damp objects or exposing furniture to water. Because it will cause blemishes But if the furniture is very stained, clean it with a cloth moistened with vinegar and warm water. Then apply it over it with wax.


Rattan furniture

Rattan furniture has many grooves. Makes dust like to stick and clean it quite difficult. To clean rattan furniture, you must use a vacuum cleaner and then use the dust dryer vent. Scrubbing should use dishwashing liquid mixed with water and scrub it occasionally with a soft brush. Rinse with plain water and wipe it dry.

Washable fabric sofa

Fabric sofas are very popular nowadays. Because there are many types to choose from And very affordable Plus easy to maintain as well So Fa fabrics are both removable and can not be removed. Removable cleaning will be easier to clean. Washing is recommended to wash by hand. By using detergent mixed with warm water Then experiment with the label on the fabric inside first That the fabric color of the sofa has changed or not Then wash gently by hand and dry them without exposure to direct sunlight as this will change the color. When the cloth is almost dry, put it in the same place as it will fit when it is dry.


Non-washable fabric sofa

The cleaning of the non-washable fabric sofa should start by cleaning the surface of the sofa first. By using a soft brush to vacuum the dust, you won't damage the sofa surface. Then, if there is a stain, pour some vinegar onto a microfiber cloth and rub it gently. Dampen a cloth with a mild soapy solution and rub it slightly, allowing the water to seep in. Dry it by using a hair dryer to blow dry. Or leave it open with doors and windows to allow good ventilation.

Marble furniture

Use a soft brush to clean the marble furniture. Or use a cloth and soapy water to wipe Then use a cloth moistened with clean water to wipe again Before pat dry If the marble is stained, it must be cleaned quickly. By sprinkling salt on the stain to absorb the stain and brush it off. If there is still no stain on it, pour the spoiled milk over the salt and let it sit for 3 days, then wipe it off with a damp cloth. Just like this, the stain on the marble will disappear.