Time to move on.

I figured i wont be on here a lot when i move so i want to sum up about how i feel about all of this. honestly? this is gonna be the best experience of my life! im 18 now so i knew it was time for me to move out and get my own place and im going to be sharing a house with four awesome people who are all making the same step i am which is great! i'll have a goup of people who know exactly what im going through which is what i need right now. im excited about starting my classes and getting my modules started and i hope all the work im going to put in id gonna pay off and give me my degree after the end of my three years, then i can wear my cap and gown with pride! im looking forward to spending the next two weeks just going completely crazy and partying a lot, i need to blow off steam like crazy after the shit thats happened but i know after two weeks of settling in and freshers parties, i'll be ready to concerntrate and study hard. so all in all, pretty excited about the next three years. im going to the house again tomorrow to settle in a bit better then im meeting rhian and mat on saturday. so excited, its time for the next chapter in my life :)