Time is flying by!

I realize I haven't been updating my journal - - - bad girl.  Time just seems to be flying by so quickly!  We have been out of town off and on and will be staying for a week in a timeshare resort in AZ next week... Thank goodness it's a timeshare exchange; no extra $$ to speak of; still working our butts off just to pretty much get by.  But - it will be a nice treat and we get to take our little dog - RC.  I hate leaving any of my "kids" behind, even though I have to leave the kitties (pictured on my journal site).. It's a good thing I didn't have real kids - I'd be really hard to take. :] Hope everyone is doing well - I guess I have had thoughts about gambling, but it seems that I've kept myself so busy that there's really no time to act on them... that is good. Hope all of you are doing great - I miss my friends on DS when I don't write in. Hugs to everyone,Smokeygirl