Thursday February 17/2011

Today our wonderful, talented, successful and sweet daughter is 29.
It is also 11 months since my Beloved Pat, her Dad, passed away.
A tough day for all of us as last year we were all together for dinner.
We are going for dinner tomorrow night, both daughter's, one husband, one fiance and
one Mother in law. 
Hugs, Wendy



Did you have an enjoyable birthday dinner yesterday with your two daughters, one husband, one fiance and yourself? Where did you end up going for dinner? How was the food? How was the company and conversation? I hope it was enjoyable by all. It\'s 11 months for you. How are you coping? I was on my way to feeling the healing inside my heart.

Dinner is tonight at 7:15. I finish work at 7. Daughter chose East Indian food, she is vegetarian and has been for 26 years. I do not like spice but I can find something to work. What is going on with you and Dave, did he call you?