DS I must vent to you and God cuz you won't judge me. My BF is in a very bad situation.  I want to be supportive but I find myself not caring about some of the things she cares about at this moment. The history of the current "turn of events" is too long to type and too private, maybe later but lets just say this is a WAKE UP CALL!!! I've had alot of these and I choose to press the snooze button.LOL!!  But now I'm WIDE AWAKE. I need peace and harmony in my life right now. So now that you know that let me explain the VENTING PART...... my BF has been my BF for 20+ years and through all of my messes she was there for me. Believe me I was in alot of mess..... 14years marriage that was mess before we got married. DV, DUI and just mess. And through it all she was there but I took her advise although she never went any of this. I listened and took her advise into conceration. Also at this moment in my life I'm at my best and is not looking for the extra mess and I was hoping that she follow suit. And if anyone read this and think for one moment that I'm NOT a BF to her you'll be wrong. But I want to be a better BF. And BF's cant tell others secrets and this the right place to vent... I need her to GET IT TOGETHER and SOON!! And why cuz it's the right thing to do for her "seed" and health and spirit. All of these things are lacking attention. Also I would like to add that I went through everything that she's going through right now, so should I allow her to do the same? Is that a real BF? Should allow her to hurt herself emotionally, spiritally and physically ( not suicide) like me. Have you ever seen anyone hurt and just want to run and help?  it tears my heart out to hear pain and know that I goin' have to let her live through this. But is this going turn her life around. And on another note, this draining the life of me!!! She seem to always have drama and more now than before. Did I have this much and did she feel this way? Hey looking back I can blame it on BP, I wasnt' diagnosed .LOL!! Bad Joke :(Thanks for listening. Be Blessed.