Thomas will never be forgotten by me

I was working doing sign holding? This guy who drives a grey corvette. This guy walk up to me and gave me a $100 dollar bill.It is the single nicest thing a person ever gave me. He says I was the 10th person and he gave money to.  I didn't even know it was 100 dollars until he left. I was stunned? I felt I didn't deserve it because I don't like charity. I had to find out what his name was. I told him of mine. If  I ever see him again. I will have a thank you card 4 him. God bless Thomas and his very kind act. Earlier that they I felt like what the use of being nice to people because people think you are trying to scam them. I felt very bad. Then listen to some inspiring info that gave me a different perspective. There is truly are good people out there. I sorry I lost