this site

I've been coming to this site more often lately. I thinks it helps. I stopped taking my meds and need a outlet w/ out Judgement. I feel anixous sometimes and really can't sleep. My attitude needs adjusting alot. and with all that said I FEEL GOOD. I'm not SAD,or having suicidal thoughts. I have my moments but they past fast. I remind myself that this to shall pass. I know that I should live and want to live.  B 4 all of this, I thought about death but never taking my life. Death is a natural part of life and to say that I never thought B 4 wanting to kill myself would be lying. Anyway, I FEEL good. I want to do more and b more active. I want to date and go out and enjoy life. My mind set is not really setup for failure. So I tend to b closed in. I'm trying to avoid stress and if by doing too much will lead to stress and maybe another episode  than I won't do it.I tell my friends andfamily about my feelings but they can't understand completely. I still write in my diary, but with this site it kinda answers back and understands without too explaination in between. on DS i can simply say that " I feel like this or that" and all is understood and it's a perfect balance.