this deep dark place...that he triggered me in

Just as the heading...this deep dark place he triggered me in..It wouldn't have been as bad if he would've just kept his mouth shut that he forgot...I've gotten used of this behaviour over the years. I'm used to be putting on the back burner. I'm used to being forgotten about. But, when you FORCE me to remind you of how you forgot, well, that's a different story.
He HATES hearing some of the songs I play...during certain modes....but yet, they are my strength..they are my healing...they are me right now...
what he made to me was a committment during his recovery...amongst other promises he made, kept, and broken, but this was the most important one.
He promised to committing an HOUR to me a week. A freaking hour, and he couldn't keep that 2 weeks in a row.
Just as the song goes...won't you look at where we grown...won't you look at where we gone....
We are only 6 months into recovery and he broke the most important committment to me..something he did on his parent child relationship, no burdening, no expectations. Thsi is the one intimate committment/promise he made to me, and already broke it.
I screamed at him the other month how things were never going to change. I was right, I just didn't realize it.



I understand. I asked for one morning a month for him to stay in bed and hold each other and talk and maybe sex, maybe not. Couldn\'t do it. Their words mean nothing but their actions are what we are to watch for. Addicts are very selfish and it is part of the illness. This might help explain:
Article on Narcissism, sex addiction and the brain. Big Hug to you. I know the disappointment and anger and frustration.