Third opinion

Another docs visit and i am back in bed.  2 busy work weeks did not do it, going up and down 6 flights did not do it, training did not do it..but docs visit did me in.
i think i always crash after docs visit because of emotional drain.  I get anxious and so frustrated.  Combine that with the physical poking and proding and you have yourself a crashing Max.
So my gp is firmly on th side of the hysterectomy.  His reasoning frustrates my though.  "You dont mess around with cancer, you are close to menopause anyway, you dont need those organs, get rid of them"
Come on, there is a HUGE scale difference between a colposcopy and a hysterectomy and the best rationale is "you dont need those organs??"
i was also devastated that after 2 yrs with this doc, i had to explain the whole cfs thing to him again, its like he had never seen me before.  He dismissed my concerns re anesthesia etc and truthfully i was too darned tired to argue.   Yet another docs visit that felt like no more than a waste of money and precious energy.
oh yes, there was that comment again " you look perfectly fine to me".  My docs cant tell i am ill, my co-workers dont see it, my friends cant tell ..  Is this a case of the emperors clothes? am i the only one who cant see the obvious?  Has my mind slipped off track to the point that my entire life is unraveling and there is not a damn thing wrong with me?
so i guess the decision is made.  Hysterectomy it is.  I need to go do the pre-surgery tests and take care of logistics of child care etc while i am down.   I have a sister who is chronically depressed.  She works in a school so will be off for summer.  My other sister(sis2) said said she (sis1)would come stay with me after the surgery. I tried to talk to her about it and she is backpedaling like crazy.  So i still have to find funds to hire soneone to come take care of me while i am recovering.
time to stop procrastinating. time to start trusting.  The obstacles will be removed, i will be fine.  Going for it...



Hebrews 11:1 \"Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.\"

That seems kinda backwards when it comes to cfs, doesn\'t it, Max? But we know the difference. They (doctors, coworkers, friends, etc.) don\'t.

What a doctor! Does he know that we only need one kidney and no appendix? Does he have any organs he\'s ready to ditch?
Where cfs is concerned, most doctors are practicing medicine from the \"dark ages\" ... under-informed, under-educated. Emotions take a toll on my condition, too.

But, you do what you need to do and don\'t lose the faith ..... you know, the faith that really matters!