Things remind me of my husband & then I cry

I am missing my husband very much.  It effects my eating and sleeping habits very much.  I am feeling the pain now and it is 10:10 p.m.  I usually go to bed at 11 p.m. but when it hits I don't fall asleep for a few hours.  It effects in the opposite ways, for example some days I can hardly eat and other days I eat too much.  Some days I hardly sleep and other days I sleep for nine hours, which is not me.  I always carry the pain with me.  Sometimes I hear a song and then I cry.  Sometimes it's something silly that he did and then I will be reminded of it and start to cry.  It's funny what little thing can hit you hard and then it makes you cry.  My brother put on the Celine Dion song The Power of Love which reminded me of how we felt for each other, I cried.  I hate grocery shoppiing alone because we always made it fun with one another.  The apartment reminds me of my husband and his love for me no matter how much I rearrange it.  Thanks for listening.



I so know how you feel Diane. I am barely just getting away from where you are at now, and although it\'s \"only\" been two months since I was told my wife would be in her current state for the rest of her life, I think the fact that she\'s been in a hospital for almost 5 months now, makes up the difference.

Still, know that what you are going through is exactly what others like me have and continue to go through. My eating habits are now almost non-existent. I have lost over 40 pounds and 4 inches around my waist since my wife got sick.

I also have rearranged and redecorated our apartment a bit. but yeah, it does just feel like four empty walls with a roof. Still, find solace in that you had the life you did with your husband and that can\'t ever be taken away from you, even if the future with him as you know him has. At least that\'s what I do and it kind of helps.

Take care my friend