Things i like

I love painting/paintings, photography/photographing, singing, jump rope, fireplaces, overhearing French, especially between lovers, sunshine, sunsets, the ocean, smell of men's cologne, the softness of flowers and children's hair and skin, children's voices, curly hair, smell of oil paint, sound of a tennis ball hitting the center of a racket, the feeling after a good workout, learning new things, winning an argument, going downtown, crystal clear lakes on a hot summer day with no one around except my best friend or boyfriend, new sports cars, turning doughnuts, rain at night, friendly faces, surprises, hugs, handshakes, smart and nice people, sweet fruit, coffee, ice-cream, doughnuts, getting stronger, new clothes, great novels, great movies, someone reaching to hold my hand, walking barefoot on warm sand with the tide rolling up to meet me, lying on the beach parallel to the tide and the tide rolling in and pulling me a little into the sea, holding a baby that is just old enough to hold her head up, crickets, fire flies, long days of summer, play-fighting with cats, public recognition for academic accomplishment, and old friend's smile, feeling love, giving to charity, going somewhere new, buying books online, netflicks, laughing, kissing, oatmeal, pancakes, soft,big beds, a beard against my cheek, a good pair of nylons, diving into water, the first day of class, the last day of class, lava flowing into the ocean, etc.