This is one of the photos we took last night for our Xmas cards. There is another one as well but I can’t seem to get it to come up. I’ll fool with it later. Well, it was quite a performance to get us and the dogs and the background all coordinated. And boy, did it get hot sitting that close to the fire for so... long. Anyway, we got it done and I had all the pics developed today. I now have them all signed and sealed...40 of them. Now I just need to run off the address labels and put them on. I hope to get them out tomorrow. I was a busy beaver today. I feel better so I am going like a top. I bet I pay for it though. Already really cranky and tired. It really snowed here last night but first we had a freezing rain so all the trees are heavy and covered in white. A winter wonderland. The temp was not too bad today so I managed to get the birds fed. Then I decorated two other trees. Plus I did indoor work... housework and I had the boys an extra hour after school.I made more headway on my to do list but it is still pretty long. Oh, well, I’ll pick away at it.I hope all of you have a wonderful night.Quote for the day..."When you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on." Franklin d. Rooseveltnight, debbie