the world is back on its axis

i feel @ peace.  i dont know how long this will last but right now this is what i feel.  the woman whom my husband had an affair called to apologize.  im glad.  i sd that was what i wanted.  well its funny but for some reason it helped a lot.  she wanted me 2 cuss her out.  unleash my anger.  i feel like i did. i dont feel angry.  well not right now.  she was so upset with herself.  crying and talking about how horrible a person she is.  why do i need 2 add 2 the negativity.  she was doing fine by herself.  i did not feel the urge 2 beat her down more.  i suggested that she get help.  i sd id pray 4 her.  we shared a few moments that were not about the affair.  made me remember why wed once been friends.  made me long for her or for a girlfriend.  i didnt open the door 4 that possibility.  thought it would b 2 wierd and i wasnt sure if id still want her in my life.  but im sure that i want me or someone like me in her life.  so i didnt close the door.  funny i felt a lil melty toward steve.  if i can feel such compassion 2ward kim how can i not 2ward her.  she sounds like a victim but really neither of them r.  they both knew what they were getting into.  she sd that steve lied 2 her bout some things.  i found that comforting.  2 know that he wasnt only lying 2 me.  i stayed up late and didnt even hear my family leave 4 church.  kinda wish i was @ church now.   im still achy from the pole dancing