The timing is right for me despite my fears!

The timing is right for me despite my fears!  I was just running scared and PMSing on top of it which did not help.  Dave and I talked about it.  Things are good.  When I am PMSing, scared and feeling very insecure does not make for the right combination and it just freaked out Dave who was ready to run but did not.  I don't know why he did not run.  Most guys in Dave's shoes would have run right out the door and I would have seen the dust that they left.  Dave is not most guys.  I am so lucky.  We are so lucky.  Despite the fact that Smokey died ten months ago, Dave and I were absolutely ready to hook up with one another.  We are not in a hurry and are taking it one day at a time, which works out for both of us.  We are not declaring our undying love and we still live in each of our prospective apartments.  This is fine for now.  If it ever changes, I will let you know as well.  You are my dearest and closest people who I can tell all these things to and greatly appreciate it.  Thank you all for being here for me.  I don't know how I would get on any more without you all.  I am so glad you are here for me. 
I am going to register for my Excel course on Monday.  I am kind of nervous because it has been awhile since I took a computer course.  I will find out tomorrow how things will be for me but it is something that I definitely need to be a receptionist.  Who knew?  Probably not me and I would be totally naive. 
Thanks for being here for me from Diane Baillie



I am glad you and Dave talked and that you are in a better frame of mind now. I am sure you will find that Excel is not that hard. I even use formulas in it. Good luck with your course! Big hug for luck, Patti