The tears have returned

 I know I wrote that I hadn't cried for a while now. But, that didn't last long. Tonight, I have shed tears at the smallest things. Of course I haven't helped the situation. I came across some SD cards from my camera and wanted to see what was on them.  Our wedding, honeymoon pics were on one. (so the tears came) Pics of you and Izzy in the pool when she was just 2. Pics of you and the boys. Roxy and you playing at the dog park. You and I at the lake. ( I have no problem shedding tears now)
 Today, Kacie came home from college and Grandma, Connie, Aimee, Kacie and I decided to go shop. It was nice to be with the women in my life. They know me, know when I need to laugh. Kacie and I clowned around and did our best to embarass Mom, Grandma. It was a fun day. When we got home, we all went to the folk's house and there were 21 of us eating supper. I was fine for the most part. But at about 9pm, I had had my fill of family and wanted to just come home. The boys are gone to their Dad's house and this is the first time I've been home with nobody but the dogs since you passed on. So, again, the tears have come.
I miss you baby. Part of me is glad the tears are back too.



The tears will never leave. And yes sometimes they are welcome. Hugs, Kip.