The start of day three:

I made it through yesterday, no purging!  Now to work on today.  This is the third day, which is where I slipped up last time, hoping for a better day today.  I think I can do this, because I really want it.  Mostly, I'm doing this for me, not for other people.  From what I've learned... it never works until someone decides to do it for themselves... and that's what I'm doing this time.  I thank all my supporters so much! >:D<  You help sooo much when I feel like I might slip back!
Today's Horoscope:
You might find it difficult to deal with people on an emotional level today, Taurus. Others could seem too demanding of your attention, and want to keep the focus on themselves. At the same time, you will probably need a bit more attention than usual. Try not to be so stubborn! Give people the love they need and you will find that the love you require will come to you as well.