the simple things in life

so Ive been on a roller coaster the last few months i stopped drinking soda i think for the most part its helped with my wait i really have no  reasons to get any more heaver and i plan to get in shape i just have this little problem i just don't get out is much as i should but i recently got a job and theirs a lot of walking and busing involved  which is most likely  a good thing ill be getting excise . i have to move out of my moms its a little scary thought and i don't know if i can make means met like having grocers all the time or paying my bills on time but ill try  to make the best of the the satiation but i have keep in mined that its  hard times for the economy so i have to try my best to save money but i have never had to do that but with a little practice i can  get the hang of it . just a side thought but i was thinking to my self i wounder if i will ever get marry and have a little family its seems the patterns of guys  i choose are a bit of a risk i just hope that  new person in my life  is a good guy but i am getting doubts and its only a month in the relationship i cant tell i think he might have distance issues cause of his ex but i really don't know how it will all pan out i seem to have no problems moving past Jason and he seem to move on pretty fast as well. so i guess i should talk about being  stable for three years i am down to one medication yay me i feel some what accomplished and think i have more to do but i am at a good point in life