The Opposite Side of Reality

There is so much about the mind that we don't understand. For the past several weeks/months, my wife has been dancing on the border of psychosis.  Psychosis is that line where the mind loses its ability to distinguish reality. She often steps to the other side, mainly in the form of deep-seated paranoia.  She is angry and dejected when she is in that place, and very little can tempt her back to the other side. I've never been on the other side.  There was a time when I was so dejected, so depressed, they I consciously tried to step over to the other side.  I couldn't do it.  I either did not know the way, or the other side is not subject to voluntary entry.  A sane man can not make himself insane by shear force of will.  It is possible to play insanity, but insanity itself is an exclusive club.  No applications are excepted.  People are selected, and once there, you cannot voluntarily leave. My wife asked me the other day what the one thing I most wanted in the world was.  I said I wanted her to be better.  She said that that was not an option, and that she would only be with me for a little while longer.  What does one say to something like that?  I'm already doing everything I can for her.  So is everyone else.  So here I am, hopelessly cemented to reality and unable to escape as others in my reality collapse around me.  Alas, reality does not seem to be optional for me.  I'm not sure if I should be happy about this or not. Hugs and smores,Steve