The Next 4 Weeks.... Here we go!

So here i go! Starting Monday I will be taking 2 condensed courses at school.... 2 PSY classes (Trauma and Imagination). I figure very fitting as I will be experiencing trauma first hand with these condensed courses and I will need my full imagination to figure out how to be successful!
This is the last of my schooling before surgery. I hope to have surgery July 22nd (at least that's my blue sky date). I imagine (ha ha!) these 4 weeks are going to just fly by! And my surgery will be here before I know it...
My plan is this... I will ride in with Rich at least 3 of the 4 days each week. I will go to the rec center and work out, do strength training for an hour, and swimming for an hour. Then shower and head to the library.
I should be to the library by 9am. This gives me 4 hours to get my reading and homework done plus an hour to have lunch and get to class at 2pm. Then I have classes from 2 to 6. Catch the bus and head for home!
Four days a week of this... And I should have a good work out in plus lots of time for homework and these darn group projects! Plus I need to figure out how to get to SASS on Friday's so I can go do that.... Whew!
Then before I know it... the 4 weeks will be up, and I will be off to surgery!



You are one busy lady. I wouldn\'t be able to handle all of that. I hope your month goes very well. Can\'t wait to hear when your surgery is going to be.