The Lethbridge Trip and FF Craziness

So I need unload about all this flak about ff being not as good as bf.  I don't understand why those who bf can't keep to themselves and those who ff do the same.  Unless you want to discuss the benifits and the positives of BOTH sides, then swallow it and get on with your life.  I ff because I have a heart condition and it was affecting my milk supply.  Does that make me a bad person?  Should I have starved my daughter, but she would of died in a positive light right?  Because I fed her the best possible food?  I don't think so!  Formula is doing her NO harm but I always hear about how it's dirty, and it causes infant death, and it's not nutritionally sound.  If it was so bad I'm sure it wouldn't be on the market at all!  And sure there are recalls, there are recalls on EVERYTHING.  You buy yourself some pasta, you eat it, the nutrients go into you bm, and then the pasta is then your breast milk still gold? just makes me angry!  My daughter is so healthy(minus ear problems that have nothing to do with formula) that I feel attacked about all these negatives thrown out there by a breast feeding mother.  I get it, bf is best for you...YOU! For me, and for others its formula.  And even if I did sure as hell wouldn't be until they were 2!!!
Now for the Lethbridge trip.  Joey's best buddy is going on a small trip to meet up with a university buddy.  But his friend will be with other friends that he does not know so he asked joey to come along and keep him company.  Meet some new people.
I think he should go.  It's good to get me time and for him to get him and Joel time.  Joel has been his best friend for almost 20 years.  But he's balking.  He thinks for some reason I'm trying to trap him into going so that I can get mad at him later about it.  huh?  I have never done anything like that I'm not sure why he's thinking that now? I tell ya