the good & the bad

i got an email about a job that would be right up my alley and someone called me about it.  they seem interested.  i have completed some personal biz tasks as well that i think will lead me 2ward success.   these things r great & i feel very blessed.   prob is i enjoy sex.  will i b satisfied in a marriage where there is so little.  im waiting 4 him 2 make the move b/c i want him 2 feel more comfortable.  i want him 2 desire me.  but how long am i gonna have 2 wait?  i am a young woman.  i did not get married 2 not have sex.  i assumed that regular sex...a few times a wk... wld b the norm.  once a month or less never seemed acceptable 2 me.  am i married 2 al bundy?  he says hes busy and tired and stressed.  sex is not a stress releiver 4 him.  and i just wanna cry.  what if this never changes?  does god want me 2 change.  is sex supposed  2 b an afterthought 4 me as well?  its the icing on my cakewill i always have 2 go without it?i believe that this is who God wants 4 me, y wld God put me with someone who is not going 2 satisfy me?maybe God wants 2 satisfy me? i dig itbut the bible says hed give me the desires of my hearta sexless marriage is not the desire of my heart