The good, and the bad

  I drank the other day and got into some small trouble that I have to go to court for now. Really stupid. Almost every time I drink I get into something. Really pisses me off. Oh well, just have to deal with it, and hope for the best.
   I'm still going to try and stay away from drinking, and this trouble only makes me more determined. I'm sick and tired of messing myself up just for a beer. I can really go places, but I always seem to pull things down on myself before I even get started.
   Aside from that, work is going great. I'm really glad I found this company. It seems like it's exactly the right thing for me. I'm not bragging, but I am good at what I do, and it's shining through with this work. They can see I know what I'm doing, and they let me be.
   The company has lots of work year round, so I feel pretty secure. I'm getting payed really good too. $20.00 an hour. Because I have management experience also I have a good chance of rising up.
    Most of the other guys are people that have their interest focused on other things aside from the work. Some are college kids, others are people that are there because their other jobs shut down, and then some just want the beer money. I see already that some are playing the game off trying to play up to the foreman by tattle tailing on others about how they are doing. When I get a chance I want to talk to the owner about it.
    The owner of this company is a really good guy. Someone that I can work well with. Because of the fact that I ran a business of my own I feel that I can contribute a lot here. I know how to organize well, and get jobs done fast. I already have some ideas that I would like to see implamented, but I have to wait until it's the right time.
   This Saturday we have a staff party. It worries me a bit because there will be drinking going on. I think that because it is a work party, I will be more vigilant about avoiding alcohol. I know from experience that it's not good to mix booze and work together.
   I phoned O.W, about starting work and told them. they said I will get an extra $500.00 for work start up, so this months cheque will be about a thousand dollars. Yahoo!!! There is some downfalls about starting work though. I won't get dental or prescription coverage anymore, but I think they give you about 6 months before you have to start paying your own. Maybe I'll start with Manulife and take out a plan. If the plan is only $50.00 a month, that would be good enough. I can go for that.
    Thank you, Lord.