the final result..

Finally after 3 hours of running back and forth from the dr's to the hospital i am home. i went to the hospital to get a better ultra sound, then i was sent back to my doctors office. she told me that it was an ectopic i had to go to walgreens, pick up a prescription of methotrexate, which is a shot, which pretty much stops the pregnancy. then went back to the drs office and got the shot.  i have to go tomorrow to get blood work done, then on tuesday, and then again on thursday to find out if i need another dose of methotrexate. if that doesnt work, then im going to have to do surgery. its scary how life threatening an etopic pregnancy is.  i am heartbroken. this has been a hard exprience, especially only 5 months after the loss of my son.  and i dont think the whole effect of all this has 'hit' me yet. i have this feeling of overwhelming sadness and pain.