The Eve of Christmas Eve.

Luke came into town this morning. I picked him up at the airport. I enjoy talking to him and spending time with him. I like talking to him because we spent so much time together in the past we can remember so many memories together. Tonight we went to Sullivan's Steakhouse for dinner and cocktails. Then we put Ti in a taxi home and the three of us went to Sing Sing to see the dueling pianos. We had drinks there too and Luke took half of my second drink so that I wouldn't be too intoxicated to drive home. At dinner we talked about the success of the semester, the update on mom's dog and Luke's plans after his graduation. I think that he is going to stay in Durango and work at the Ore House and the ranch and stay there to save some money to later travel. 
I met with Tom from the Experiential Learning CenterI think on Tuesday and I have done what he asked me to do and I am going to meet with him again soon to wrap up my internships and try to hone one down.
I feel bad because I think that I am hurting my mom's feelings because I am not jumping to go get groceries and run errands. I hope she's not mad or anything. But, it seems that today she just wond stop asking for things. She usually is not like this, i dont know why she is so needy right now. I am going to bed and then I'll wake up and hopefully the both of us will be more refreshed and renewed tomorrow morning. 
Goodnight moon.