The day after

Before my wife got sick she wrote this around Jan-feb 2012. I just found it on her laptop;
"This has been weighing on my mind for the most part of the year. The question" Will the American people open their eyes to the changes around them or will they stumble along with their head in the sand and think all will be okay whether I vote or not." Well I am here to say things will not be okay and they haven't been for the three years Obama has been in office. You can close your eyes and say Obama did not create the environment that he came into all you want but the truth is he has not done anything to improve it just the opposite. In the past three years he has moved this country so far away from the Constitution that we are no longer the Republic that we have always been. He has went around our Congress by doing changes through his Executive Orders. Have any of you read them? They could have come right out of a Dictators handbook.The changes he has made has so far have moved this country more toward a third world country then any other President in our History. We must get the country back on the path to the constitution this is the last chance. If Obama gets back n office the country will be lost and we will not be able to bring it back to the constitution again. 
The News Media keeps the questions in the news for a reason. While they are debating Women's issues, the Rebublician candidates religion and every other thing they can to keep everyone from asking the important question-Are you better off now then you were before he came into office? Is our Country better off then it was before he took office? Are our Children better off then they were before he came into office? I say a big fat NO. The kind of change he was purposing was a change this country has never seen before. It was a change away from the freedoms our Forefathers had chosen for this country and its people. He feels the constitution is too ridged for his ideals too restrictive. Well guess what, it is suppose to be. Our Forefathers knew that there would come a time when we would face tyranny. "

My wife and I were very into politics and were concerned about the country especially with our new grand kids. I missed going with her to vote. It will never be the same.