The Crusher

I had posted something on the support group wall and asked a question. I question myself in the area of school. I don't know why its taking so long. I slept so long yesterday. So long that I keep thinking yesterday was today and I am so out of it. I went to one of three classes today, I just thought fuck it I don't want to go. I went home. I acted like I went to 24 hour fitness and just drove around and then came home. I am not happy an I want to be. I was told by a doctor that I cannot give blood for a blood test. I am tired of dealing with friendship and the lack of which I have. I suppose that I am going to go make my seat now, I am getting hungry and what I really want to finnish drinking the other half of the bottle of red I opened the other night. It is called "The Crusher." It is a beautiful Pinot Noir. I have a lot of homework to do tomorrow to catch up and try to organize everything so I am not freaking out on Thursday. Wish me the best and I wish you yours. 
Goodnight moon.