The BEST night of my life, now sad

May 14, 1988 - Bachelor party in Kent, Connecticut.  My parent's owned a red cabin in the woods, on 80 acres of wooded land.  My grandfather built it in 1939.  Soooo many memories there and that night, 20 years ago, we had the most ethical, wonderful party.  My good friends from college, beer and 10,000 pieces of class c fireworks.  No kidding. May 14, 2008I watched a videotape of that party, and the red cabin is gone, sold many years ago and torn down, replaced by something somewhat the same and the land, all woods then, is partly carved up into barns and such.  The money from the sale of that place went 90% to my sister, we don't talk much about that, and the pain of watching all of us, younger then in a wonderful place now memory is toooooo painful for me to watch. I loved that place more than anything really.  One New Years eve, ages ago, a friend put it so simply: Whenever we're here, we're young again.