swings and roundabouts

Had a good weekend. While I do have to watch what I say and do, a good weekend means my hubby didn't snap, or get aggro or angry. I was feeling a bit wore out returning to work yesterday because I can't relax and put my feet up on the weekend. To put a foot wrong would mean a bad weekend.
But with it all being good on the weekend, I started thinking, hey this can work out, all's good, as long as I think about what I am doing and watch what I say and do and make sure I'm running around after hubby to remove anything or one that may set him off then we can be a family.
I know, what am I thinking, I know better.  I can't keep this up, I will put a foot wrong because one day he'll just be in an aggro mood waiting for me to do wrong "at least in his view", or something will annoy him and I'll be the one to push him over the edge.  I can't keep watching what I say or do or I'll end up a basket case.  And things wont change, this is just a lull until the next time.