Sunny Monday!!

Rainy days and Mondays always get me I must be feelin pretty good today, cause the sun is a shinin!!  Is gonna be a most exelent day to mow....but I am only gonna mow the back around the bird stuff and pond and such cause I have to use the push mower. No, I aint going to mow the whole yard with a push mower..3 acres..i dont think there done that. A couple yrs ago I did it cause the rider was on the fritz and larry hadnt fixed it yet and the yard was in dire need. Aint too bad right now, but he bess get it together in the next couple days dang it!! :-)  But i know he can only get it done if he has time..which he doesnt have much of.  Anyhoo.
My mother is gonna be home within a week or so, she goes away for the winter. Lucky bitch..LOL. Her and her b/f go to Texas, they own a trailer in some older pplz trailer park. It'll be good to see her. She comes out to see me every other monday(cause of gas prices and she usually stays at a lake about 70 miles away)to visit and sometimes have lunch and play pool.  Course i will also have anxiety bad everytime she comes out. Dont ask me why, cause i dont know, get it anytime anybody comes over. Such is life.  Me and my oldest daughter, jamie, plan to stay out at that lake in a tent a few times this summer to see mom more while shes, its on a lake and i love to fish..hehe..bonus!  
Soo, how have i been doin? hmmmmm..its that i know im not alone with this tinnitus...i think maybe because i am focused on it more, it has been quiet bothersome this past week. Friggin roarin every morning when i wake, loud allllll day. I really have to work hard at trying t focus, get engrossed in somethin else, to not hear the constant noise. I sooooooo miss the silence.  I have been trying to figure out when it started..thats hard. I think i may have it down to sometime after 1996...yipey..i just dont know for sure..i do think it was caused by loud noise for the most part. i love loud music and i worked in mostly factories rarely wearing think i basically screwed is new. Ugggg. More later...or tomorrow...i need to stretch for a minute.