Summer Time

So, it's been a long summer so far, but it's almost over.  I moved into a different apartment on campus for the summer with three guys I don't know.  It didn't seem so bad at first because two of them are in my major and we've had a few classes together.  The last guy, the one that I share a room with, is 29 (the rest of us are 21, so a bit of an age difference) and a bit odd.
The first thing that really bugged me about him was that he never did his dishes.  I guess it's something about young males, especially in the college years where you feel like you can live in chaos because you're out of your parents house, but he just cooks and leaves things in pots on the stove, and he slops food all over the stove and doesn't wipe it up, and he fills the sink with dishes and leaves them there for weeks.  It's been silently driving me crazy, and I just work around it and try to be the calm roommate that is everyone gets along with.
Well, cleaning inspections were last week, and I told them a few days before about them since no one had made a point to bring it up.  Each of them said 'yeah, I know' and went about their business.  It was almost like they all thought that we could pass the inspections, like whoever was coming in to look at the apartment to make sure everything was in order would not notice the 2 months of junk building up.  I've had friends fail cleaning inspections for having a spotless apartment, but they didn't take the trash out that morning.  And this was far worse than the trash needing to be taken out.
So I broke down and cleaned everything except the dishes and left a note on the refrigerator to let my roommate know I had cleaned everything else and expected him to do his dishes before they came to check.  Amazingly enough he did them before the schedule time for the inspection, but not without making some joke remarks about how I should do his dishes since I did such a good job on everything else.
Well, the RA never showed up, and we got an email the next day that the cleaning inspections were moved to another day later in the week, so again I let them know that there were cleaning inspections, and again everyone said 'ok.' My roommate acted mad that they wanted us to keep the place spotless everyday just in case they show up. "people live here, how can they expect us to have this place spotless all the time." Well, I manage to go about my day to day life without making a mess of everything, so maybe it's time to grow up and clean up your mess whenever you make one.
Of course, the next day I get back from my exam and see a note saying we failed because of the kitchen, and when I look at it to see what is wrong, he had filled the sink with caked on greasy pots in just one night.
When I informed him of us failing, he went ballistic.  He started screaming about the RAs, saying "we" worked so hard on this place and they were going to fail us.  He called them up and yelled at them on the balcony for about half an hour, and it ended with us still failing the cleaning inspections.  He then did his dishes.  When I made dinner that night, I set my dish in the sink, and he says to me "hey, you better not mess up that sink, I worked hard on it" and he was serious.  He was actually telling me not to mess up the sink because he did his dishes earlier and my one dish would ruin his masterpiece.
Lucky for me I'm house sitting for my parents while they're on vacation, so I don't have to spend this next week with him, and then I move into my fall housing assignment at the end of the week.  I went back today to change before physical therapy and the entire apartment looked like a mess.  He used my pot, my cutting board, my cake pan and most of my cooking utensils and left them in the sink.  I don't feel like dealing with that stress, so I'm just going to wait til wednesday and ask him nicely to have anything he used of mine clean so I can box it up thursday or friday.