Well today is the 29th of June Summer's here I'm having a really when your time in life right now because I just I want to figure out where I am most suitable for someone to walk into my life I think I'm A little vulnerable the idea of finding someone I don't have an issue with finding anyone right now and I am I'm just focusing on myself I recently joined the rehab specialists to help me get employment seek employment and talk about school options I'm just trying to focus on me my ex contacted me today and we had a heart-to-heart it was kind of weird because he wants me back but I was honest with him and I told him that I was sort of dating someone and all respect I'm just scared I am scared of getting hurt again I want a long-term thing relationship more like and I want it to work I guess no one's perfect and I have a lot of expectations something's got to come to the table and be the right person for me I've always been an open book but it's hasn't been working for my advantage this past year I suppose so I gotta know what I want in life and just go for my dreams I'm going to a dance and ice cream social should be a good one I went to California and visited my brother he is great health and staying away from drugs it was so nice there in California the beach was wonderful and I like that I got to experience the sea breeze I just celebrated my little sister's birthday we went to the casino I blew $20 and by the way I don't gamble at all just there to have fun and try to do lunch time which is always fun and had a house salad pesto and bread Fire Brick Pizza and crab cake I like to try new things and I am willing to enjoy the little things in life I'm really most of the time a very happy person yeah I do have limitations but they work for my advantage I am thankful to be doing so great and I am very blessed.