Suicide Loss

Being a widow of someone who committed suicide is the hardest thing.  I go over everything all the time in my mind.  I will have questions that will never be answered.  The Why is the biggest issue for me.  I hate the judgment of others.  There are some very narrow minded people out there that actually blame me for what happened and that's just unbelievable to me.  Some of them hadn't even spoken to him since 2008 and now they come out of the wood work to pass judgment on me?  Being in an online support group as well as talking to other widows of suicide has shown me that some people will never know the concept of compassion and love to play the blame game.  I think it's very sad to add grief to an already grieving person.  I wish there was more avenues available for suicide survivors.  I feel like our health care system needs a boost in helping the communities deal with loss through suicide.