Study Break!

My final two midterms tomorrow - haven't journaled in a couple days.  I'm in a bit of a weird space.  It's not bad and it's not good, right now it just is.  I am ready to be more involved, just back into my life...and it's just not going right (I kinda feel like throwing a mini tantrum about it).  My life is just studying and kids, and although I enjoy both, I wanted to get out more this year and reconnect.  Maybe some of it is Spring fever!!  I want to go to study groups with others, extra credit opportunities to watch foreign films, games, bowling, dancing and get back to teaching. You know - real interaction with real people.  :)
My knee is slowly improving, but still giving out just standing in line at the grocery etc., so I am afraid to overdo and take backward steps with it.  That is prohibiting my dance/teaching life.  School and kids take up so much time and with the budget already stretched, it's just nuts trying to fit even the most simple things in.
I was so upset last weekend when I actually had a date planned, had money, had the kids all lined out and ready, studying caught up...I was prepared and it just didn't happen.  I had fun, anyway, but it's just not the same as "adult time" just for me!!
MUST FIND TIME FOR ME!!!!  But for now, back to studying for the big day tomorrow....