Stressed and Depressed and Angry Too!!!

I hope this dove brings love into your life.  Very angry,   very sad. I'm totally confused and distressed over my daughter's latest stunt!!! She is so damn self-centred. We talk about things and she agrees and then turns around and does the exact opposite!!! Then when I call her on it and I'm upset she says we'll talk about it later because your upsetting me. YOU"RE UPSETTING ME, she says. Well, tough luck kid because momma is going to deal you hand you're not expecting. If she thinks she was upset before she will be off the charts with this one. She always plays me, she knows I'll eventually give in to her, this is my fault. My hubby has no trouble with saying no to her or letting her reap what she sows. He just gets really upset because she upsets me. He is very protective. I have been praying all day for guidance from God on this issue. I really... want to blast her and say that's it, no more, we're done. Don't call, don't email and don't visit. She has used me up, I have no more to give, and besides it doesn't do anything anyway, she never learns the lesson. I quess if I cut her off then she'll have to fend for herself. Oh. God, I hate to take these measures but if I don't this will never....... end!  I need some serious help here!!!  Debbie