There are all these new features in writing your journal it is wierd.  I have so much going on this month that I feel like I'm starting March behind the eight ball.  Just to consolidate my thoughts and hopefully receive some sympathy.... Here is my monthMarch 4th I start my second Master's ClassMarch 7th my brother has his 28th birthdayMarch 8th my sister flies in for her Spring Break (to stay at my house!!!)March 11th I turn 30 (HOLY FREAKING SHIT!)March 15th I take the Praxis II (only the biggest test for teachers there is)March 23rd Easter (which all parents know is a big deal for a 3 yr old)March 30th My husband turns 36Now if you have a month of March to beat this I challange you to share.  In the mean time I am trying very hard not to think about all of this and just try and stay full steam ahead the whole time.  However and I am very pissed about this  my husband is saying he is "tired" and he can't cook or clean because he is "tired".  This means that on top of my masters courses, my family visits, birthdays (and the stress of turning 30) I also have to take up my husbands slack.  Pray for me people I'm not sure I'll make it through all of this! OH YEAH AND TO MAKE IT ALL BETTER (IF THAT IS POSSIBLE) I HATE MY JOB AND WANT TO QUIT!