Strange journal entry...

Another strange fight I had with the guy I'm talking to online and like....
-It's about a picture of a girl he showed me with a guy in the background looking through a small hole.-
me:hes creepy kinda lolxxxx: lolxxxx: Wow. Thats so nice of you to say that   me: what?me : hes peering through a crack between to stuff its weird lolme : please stop saying im not nice i dont like that :Pxxxx: I didnt say thatxxxx: unless you just count what I just saidxxxx: Dont throw accusations in my mouth xxxx: goshxxxx: Im hungryxxxx: Subway sounds goodxxxx: Mmmmm
And then he logged off.
He has done things like this before. Is this just me? Am I really being rude? Honest opinions.



I don\'t think you\'re being rude. More like he\'s being a jerk and he\'s rude for just logging off without saying goodbye. :/

I feel like he digs for reasons to get mad at me

me : im guessing you work this weekend since no plans were made... ::P
xxxx: Yea I have about........345 emails to write
xxxx: yes
xxxx: 3
xxxx: 4
xxxx: 5
xxxx: Im on 74
me : lol
xxxx: Its ok
xxxx: Im typing while entoxicated
xxxx: Friend lost at ping pong, bought me half gallon of crown royal
xxxx: best win ever
xxxx: EVER
xxxx: epic
me : so are you drunk right now?
me : blah...this weekend is going to suck
xxxx: Yup
xxxx: Drunk as a sailor
xxxx: Ill be lucky if I get to chucrh for tech support this weekend
me : blah.....
xxxx: Blah?
me : im just bummed by everything thats all
xxxx: Everything?
me : date
xxxx: Oh
me : you don\'t seem bummed
xxxx: Wow.
xxxx: Im gonna go
xxxx: I got work to do
xxxx: have a good night and weekend

And then he logged off and ignored me for the rest of the day and into the next. I said sorry...But after trying to tell him how I felt when he logged off he called me manipulative and rude.

You\'re not either of those. Again, he\'s just being a jerk.

Agreed with above, you really don\'t seem to be doing anything wrong... just seems odd behaviour... but then people are odd online often....

It seems like a very one sided conversation, like you are trying to talk properly about yourself and he/she just cuts you off and goes whilst talking about himself a lot... I don\'t maybe reading too much into it...

Ahh, I don\'t know, you are not manipulative, you are not rude and neither conversation implies either... apart from on his/ her part.