Ever since my mom died Im left doing everything.  last night i fell in the shower must be because i fell asleep dunno why i keep falling asleep in the shower.  After the shower I cooked dinner and my back and neck hurt sooooooooo fricken bad my upper half of my body started spazing out.  As I was cooking my neck and shoulders were also spasing out as a result of that I burned myself on the stove ow!  but lesson learned never cook on the stove when neck shoulders and back are spasing out I dunno yesterday it felt like rain my neck shoulders and back were killing me but it didnt rain today im feeling the same way except this time its raining.  ok so im not cooking today dont want another episode of what hapened yesterday that was painful.  Im letting preggo cook tonight yes im talking about brielle.  My neck back and shoulders are spasing out its painful but cant help it i wish i could control the involintary movements.  The only thing that helps is a massage.  today i was trying to do some bills for august got some done.  Im not used to a daily routine never was.  I love cooking been cooking since i was eleven.