Still having a good break

Work asked me to do an early morning shift today so that means I get to work form home. And since I'm still not technically home I am working from my boyfriend's house. It was so nice to have him there to push me out of bed at 5:45 this morning. The weather is calling for high winds and freezing rain so I may not get home today either. I'm not complaining about that for sure. We had a very nice weekend. We took a bus day-tour to a casino in the next province; walked to the city market which we both love, back to the casino, had a wonderful buffet dinner and then had 3 hrs to play. I actually made enough to pay for my day and came out $100 ahead so I was very happy with that. Poor bf, it was his birthday and he didn't win anything but he didn't lose alot either so he was happy. We got back to his place by 9:30  pm and thought about going out but we were both exhausted and just lounged around the house all evening. With my winnings I took him out for a nice birthday dinner with wine and we did the usual running around we do when we're together; hitting a few of our favorite bargain stores and flea markets and doing a bit of searching for some items on his 'wish list'. I didn't buy a thing but I did stop by my bookstore. I say 'my' because I am trying to buy it and wanted to talk to the staff. The girl working there was very friendly and gave me alot of information and a tour of the whole place. It's not huge but its packed with books... heaven for me. I will be working on my business plan and funding in my spare time for the next few months I expect. I really hope it works out. So work isn't busy yet... I've been on it for 3.5 hrs now and figure it iwll pick up any time now since everyone else is in the office now. Hopefully the weather does what it says and I will stay another night here.