Still Day 6 - climbing the walls :]

Okay, so I was fine this morning - I don't have any intention of going to the casino, so that's good, but I'm feeling so bored right now even though I have plenty to do... it's a restless feeling and I came to the site to just write because I just need to vent.  I don't think I have ever been bored before - - I 'm a very active person with a lot of different interests... anyway, to provide some background of why (besides quitting gambling) I might feel this way.  In January, I had an accident with my dog - she railroaded past me down some stone steps and I ended up losing my footing and taking a bad fall... fractured a rib and totally bruised my whole right side  I honestly thought I died because it knocked the wind our of me and I couldn't speak... Okay so I was self-treating with ice and IBUprofen and though a slow process things were getting betteer... well, I then was exposed to a worker who was ill and I picked up a cold/fever/bug, etc.,  Of course with the fractured rib coughing was tough and somehow between coughing and trying to sit up straighter in the bed, I sprained my lower back :] I had spasms in it and it was just awful.  Keep in mind, I'm not one to feel sorry for myself at all, but I must admit it was painful, especially when I couldn't get out of bed except for inching my way across the bed and hoping I didn't get hurt getting out.  It made me think of "the button" that older people get and that didn't feel good at all. :]
So anyway, since the fall, I stopped working out and had started a tap class I loved, but stopped that too... today is the first day I walked 2 miles to a DVD... I think my whole system is just recovering and basically I am feeling sorry for myself because I can't go de-stress by playing slots... it's funny to say that, because all it caused was MORE STRESS... and of course I know that, but my urges come when I want to "get away from it all" so to speak.
So there you have it - - - I know I'm on the mend and stopping is the only way through this.  Thanks for reading this - I just had to vent and I can no longer wallow in self-pity - - - as I said the other day, onward and upward.  I have no idea why the old goal below is still there - I put in in again... my goal to quit started 2/14.
That's all for now