staying out of the mess

Today my mom came up to me to ask If I could text my cousin for my Aunts [the one who from my other journals] phone number, she had called several times and wasn't getting any kind of ringing. I thought it would be fine to text her for it, after all she is my Aunt too. Well she said I needed to tell her why she needed our Aunts phone number, she would have to ask her for permission to give it to me. I said nevermind. I want to stay out of my family drama, I have way too much to worry about right now. I told my mom she had to get permission to give it out to any of us. So my mom called up the rest of her brothers and sisters, and sure enough they all got the same wierd dialing tone. My dad finally figured out that we were blocked from her phone. She had also changed her cell number. My mom and the gang of family members called up my great Uncle because we new he was still in good contact with my Aunt, and sure enough she had told the other end of our family that still lives in Austria/Germany that we were all flooding her with drama and bickering and she was having some kind of mental breakdown. I think at this point no one is surprised, no one has spoken, nor discussed anything about my Aunt in weeks. In fact, for the most part, we had all thought the war was almost over. What drama? and what bickering phones calls was she talking about? She must have a incredible imagination to be able come up with something for this imaginary argument to be about. My mom and other Aunts and Uncle just decided to forget about the money she had horded all to herself, we figured their was no point; in a matter of a few years she would have blown through it all anyway. So we see it has no one gets it. All my mom wanted to call her for was to ask how she was doing because she lives alone and she doesn't ever call anymore. My mom just wanted to make a senceir phone call to see if she was alright. Even after we try to be nice, she still pulls her usual. I'm staying out of it, I'm only watching from the outside. But I'm still feeling stressed becaue I keep thinking about when I was younger and how we all seemed to get along.