Starting Out

My boyfriend is gorgeous and deserves better.  He's tall, slim, fit, dark hair, dreamy eyes, charming smile...  I'm short and pimply with a cheeky grin and voluptuous curves that jiggle at every move.  May 7th his school is having their prom.  I've been invited by his coworker.  I just want to lose enough weight to fit into my dream dress and look as gorgeous as he will.
I plan on starting this next week.  I think I will change my diet, starting with a batch of kale chips for snacks.  I will also be cooking up two pounds of tilapia, baking the filets in a little olive oil and spices.  I'm also going to work on banning sweets from my diet, with the exception of a couple of little cheats for good days or special occasions.  
As far as exercise goes - as soon as I get a spot in my room cleaned up, I will start doing exercise DVDs and workout videos.  I want to start walking and getting my steps in.  My boyfriend deserves a girl as good-looking as he is, and I want to do my best to fit that bill for him.  He's wonderful.