Start of Day Six:

Well, I've made it further this time than before, which makes me really happy.  Yesterday went well food wise.  I'm still trying to adjust to this eating more than once a day thing, which is hard, but I'm working on it.  Having my phone calender set to remind me that it's time to eat helps a lot.  Then I don't have to think about it as much, which at this point.. is really useful.  >:D< To all my supporters and friends, you are the greatest!
Today's Horoscope:
There's some likelihood you'll become irritated with someone close to you today, Taurus. Just who do they think they are, anyway? How insulting to put on such an act, especially considering how long you've known each other. Whatever you fight about, at the heart of it is your frustration and concern that your friendship may end. Try not to overreact. Express yourself mildly.