got to go to the drugstore.  seven miles there, seven miles back.  showered, check.  doing laundry, check.  fed animals, put trash in trunk, and thankfully changed the cat litter........check, check, check.  does the computer keyboard have a check mark sign?  don't see one..........?
so this means clothes.  ok, seems fair & reasonable.  jeans, flats, t-shirt, in a pony......the rain has slowed to a bare minimum.........talking myself into going.  you can do it, you can Sparrow......come CAN DO IT. 
last time I was out I bought a whopper at the drivethrough.  it probably had 3,000 calories, it was freakin' awesome....a meaty melty cheesy sammy/salad combo on a fresh soft monster bun........i got everything cept pickles an mustard.  there are so many drivethrough windows to avoid today.  the pharmacy is surrounded by hot food passed out of windows into cars.  all you have to do is give them a little moolah and they will hook you the iv of fast food me remain strong.  ride tall in the saddle? i'm afraid if i go in the store for cottage cheese i'll come out with donuts.  it's a cravings kind of day.........sometimes i gotta be stern.........drop the donut thinking for today........peaches are good.  bananas are nice.  donuts have sugar bugs.........sugar bugs are bad.  heard a dad tell his 3 year old son that once in a check out line.......the sad tale of the mighty and mean sugar bugs.
i'm not anti treats, i just want to treat myself to more healthy choices........feel better! 
i have great salad stuff.........great soup, and all I want to do is stray off the path.  Nay nay little need wholesome, you need home made, you need to stay on budget and stop fraternizing with whoppers.  there is a wee bird sitting outside my window..........first thought?  to buy bird food, that's what I can do........bird food instead of fast food.  can i get that via a drivethrough window?  hmmmmm.
stalled long enough.........time to deal with pants.  ugh.  ok, ok, i'm going.  I get to go, I am privileged to be able to go get meds today............see the country scenery on the way in........wonder if the yellow flowers are blooming on the so.  gotta get in the car if I wanna find out........hugs!



Hey Sparrow,

Hope you were able to may your flight successfully today. Able to avoid the raindrops & more importantly, the worm at the Burger King!

Rainy & cold here today so I\'m staying put. Had my bowl of soup for lunch. Have therapy tomorrow so I plan to run some needed errands then.

Hope you have a good evening.

Sugar bugs! Should have known about them raising my daughter. She was clever. If I bought donuts on the weekend, I would hide them in a high cabinet that she couldn\'t reach. She\'d get on a kitchen chair to get the donut, be very careful to close the box lid the way she found it, shut the cabinet door and quietly leave the kitchen....with the kitchen chair still in front of the cabinet! LOL..I never did tell her knew when she snuck that donut. Didn\'t wanna burst her bubble!

Glad you did get out of the stalling phase and pony up and go! Good for you! Shower and all. Not everybody knows what that particular activity sucks out of our energy bank.

As far as the Burger King thingy. About once every three weeks we go on a splurge in this house. Simply, nobody wants to cook! We fast food it. I like chicken tenders, Bobby does the Whopper! You Whopper people are a tad insane. Very specific in your \"Hold the pickels\" type requests! All I ever require of my Whoppers is extra mayo, and that they cut the sammich in half. The rest is history!

Early, sleety morning in Joisey, Sprarrow! Hope you have a good sunshine filled day!!!